friends, cappuccinos, and castles in england

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I mentioned after we came back from vacation how blessed and rich I feel because of friends all over the world.  It's so true.  On our way to S. Africa, we stopped over in England for a couple of days to visit friends.  Even though it had been about 5 years since we had seen our friends in London, it felt like we picked up right where we left off.  Johnny and Lisa, we had such a good time!  I'm so disappointed I didn't get a picture.  I blame it on the 9 hour overnight flight.

After a lovely lunch and great conversation, we caught the train traveling up north to Birmingham where we spent two days visiting more wonderful friends, driving the countryside, eating great curry, and drinking cappuccinos.  Leon and Allison, we truly had a wonderful time.  These are the sites from our first stop on the countryside Ludlow!

cafe door



inside castle

castle view


old hotel

I have lots more photos to share from our time in England.  I absolutely love the old, old buildings and rich history there!

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  1. Such a magical place, you can almost feel history by just looking at these pics! :-)

  2. Beautiful! Love the last picture the best!

  3. Ah, England. You captured her beautifully!

  4. Whoa, Jeremy's clean shaven! Love love English countryside and history. If you're up near Birmingham again, you MUST go to the Cadbury factory. There's a little purple train you can take there from the Birmingham train station (well, down the hill from it, anyway). YUM!!

  5. Love the pics! We'll be visiting London in September and I can hardly wait!!

    Any advice/tips??

  6. Pics are gorgeous!!

    I lost all my pics from my one time in London...which still makes me sad....but I loved "sharing" in yours.


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