i'm not a conference person

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I'm really not.  I attribute it to two things.  One, I'm a busybody.  Sitting for hours listening to someone talk makes me fidgety.  Two, I'm much more of a small group kind of girl rather than a 20,000 people crowd kind of girl.  However, when the opportunity came up for me and a friend to attend Women of Faith, something inside of me nudged me to go.

worship @women of faith

Even in my fidgeting, I try to be mindful of the takeaway that God would highlight.  As I listened to Patsy Clairmont, Andy Andrews, Brenda Warner, and others, I was reminded that we all have a story.  For some it might be as dramatic as going from homeless to a New York Times bestselling author (Andy Andrews) or living in Section 8 housing, divorced, with her special needs child and little baby to marrying an NFL star (Brenda Warner).  I love how God picks up our broken pieces and creates a story where His grace and mercy shines through the cracks.

patsy clairmon @ women of faith

So am I glad I went to Women of Faith?  Absolutely!  It has left me pondering my own story and letting it be a testimony of His goodness and faithfulness in my life.  It's a reminder that God's love for me is over the topDo you have a story where you see God's grace and mercy weaved through the cracks?

Disclosure : I was provided with two free tickets to Women of Faith in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. What amazing stories! Glad you enjoyed the conference.

  2. Those are fantastic stories! The conference sounds great.

    In my life, grace is easy to find early on in a family doctor who ran a random test and (much to his surprise) found I had cancer - catching it early before it spread and became difficult to treat!

  3. Grace brilliantly shined through the cracks for me last July. 24 hours after my daughter's 18th birthday (whom I only saw when I gave birth to her-I was young and their were other circumstances-she was adopted), I recieved a message on facebook from her looking for me. It's been a long 18 years of heartache, greif, sadness and emptiness-and here was this unexpected message. We will meet again for the third time in September and are slowly healing with such peace and joy. My teenage sons are so blessed to have a big sister. She is an amazing woman of God. Prayer, mercy and grace are there to those who have faith, even though it took 18 years for prayers to be answered-I waited, and the answers came in a way I never imagined.

  4. I have never been to a conference... not a conference person either. But this one sounds wonderful! I hope you share more stories from it. I can 'attend' through you! ;)

  5. Getting there is usually the hardest part, but once I'm there...I'm so there ;) So glad that you enjoyed the conference.


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