the purpose of traveling 39 hours by plane

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It's a long haul to Africa.  I used to like that straight 17-18 hour flight to get there.  One flight and you were done, but as I get older, I like stopping in Europe to break it up.  It's always a long layover but it's so nice to stretch your legs!  I have more pics I want to share of our time in England, but today I wanted to share about our purpose in traveling 39 hours to Africa.

streets of white river

Lately I haven't shared too much on here about our sabbatical or where we are in the process.  I've realized that the sabbatical lines are so gray that it's hard to say, "Okay, now we're in such and such phase or now we're done."  However, since March we have been actively re-engaging with Ten Thousand Homes in various ways.  June was filled with lots of Skype calls with our crew in Africa, and the idea was brought up for Jeremy and I to fly to Africa for face-to-face meetings.

legogote in the distance

I have to admit that stepping back into S. Africa after a year and a half of being away was overwhelming.  I didn't quite know what to make of my emotions.  It was great to be back, but I was well, I was overwhelmed by it all.  Seeing our friends again, meeting new people, and holding my nieces was fantastic (although, my nieces were not very happy that their cousins couldn't make the trip), but it was as though fear was lurking at my door, and that's not an easy thing to shake.

breakfast @magnolia

We had three solid days of meetings which accomplished more than we did in a month's worth of Skype calls.  God is on the move, and I wish I could tell you more details, but I feel it simply isn't the time just yet to do that in this space.  I am excited to see how God brings all the pieces together and would appreciate any continued prayers.

sweet niece

I didn't get to go out into the communities while we were there, and because my brain was in full on processing mode, I hardly took any photos.  I knew, however, that I would be writing about it and I can't write a post without some kind of photos to go with it. :)  Isn't that niece of mine a cutie?

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  1. Thanks for the update. Can't wait to hear more about what God and you are up to in South Africa!

  2. She is gorgeous! Looking forward to more updates =)

  3. Your niece is just adorable Jen! Sounds like you had such a productive trip. I am excited to see and hear how God is working through your group. Prayers added! ♥

  4. very inspiring post Jen! so amazed by your family's faithfulness to the mission call.

  5. Makes me miss SA! Though not the meetings . . .

  6. WOW!! I've always wanted to visit SA! Maybe in my next life!! LOL!

    She is a doll!

    Have a nice day and thank you so much for replying to my emails

  7. wow, what a wonderful adventure. your trip sounds amazing.

  8. Will definitely be praying for you. We lived in SA 03-06 and then returned to New Orleans after Katrina to help out. We had also lived 7 years in Kenya and Tanzania when our sons were small. Last summer we were able to return to SA for a few months. I understand fully what you mean about returning being overwhelming. Awesome and wonderful, but overwhelming. Thinking about seeing our family there again still makes my heart swell. I will enjoy seeing what happens next with you and your family on your journey. God is good!

  9. Oh how I understand more than words can express!

    HUGS....BIG you, with trepidation, continue to step into each aspect of this process.

    It's SO not for sissies! ;-)

    "You have to be brave with your life so that others will be brave with theirs."
    -Katherine Center

    I found this quote today, and it made me think that maybe this whole sabbatical thing is braver than I often give myself credit for. I mean to step out of "the plan" and allow yourself to let God take you on a journey that MIGHT even make you look stupid or feel like you are so wrong...just might be CRAZY or really, really BRAVE....

    Today, I hope that YOU too feel BRAVE!


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