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i heart jen

We ventured out to White Sands while we were in New Mexico.  We had taken the kids when they were younger.  They didn't remember, so we thought we would go again and have some fun sliding down the dunes.

walking along the sand

soaking in the sun

When you're up in the cool mountain air, sometimes you forget just how hot it can be down below.  Going to White Sands in the heat of the day is not necessarily a great idea, but it definitely doesn't take away from the fun!

pushing him down

happy couple

The bright sun combined with the brilliant white sand is almost blinding, but it is absolutely stunning!  Next time we'll go closer to evening.  Not only will it be cooler but it will make for some amazing photos with the sunset!

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  1. Wow - this looks truly amazing! :-)

  2. I went here a couple times with my parents, they used to take us at dusk and it was amazing!!! Thanks for bringing back those fabulous memories!

  3. My husband goes out there for work at least once a month but has yet to show me pictures like this! That's beautiful!

  4. Spectacular! Great photo of you and Jeremy, too. :)

  5. The clouds certainly made a spectacular display for you that day! Beautiful!

  6. AMAZINGLY beautiful! I cannot believe those clouds. And I have to say it again: gorgeous! :)

  7. Oh my gosh... that is amazing!! What a place to visit!

  8. These photos are beautiful! You visit some neat places. :)

  9. Breathtaking! your photos are so beautiful.


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