anniversary coffee and food dates

1:14 AM

On our anniversary getaway, we took full advantage of the weather and sat outside to enjoy our coffee and food.  The Texas summer is much too hot to enjoy outdoor cafes, so I am now trying to take full advantage of the slight dip in temps to sit outside!  (I need to post a photo of my new haircut.  It's much shorter now!)


drinking coffee

Whenever we are in Austin, we make sure to put Torchy's Tacos on our must stop list.  Those tacos from the trailer are simply amazing.  We were so excited to recently hear that Torchy's is now in Dallas!  I loved my Baja Shrimp taco!  The other one, I think it was Jamaican Jerk, was a bit too spicy for me.

torchy's tacos

eating torchy's

By the way, the winner of the African bag giveaway is #64, Team Lando!  Be sure to enter the digital scrapbooking giveaway from My Memories!

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  1. Hi jen....I sure hope you enjoyed your anniversary get away....You too look lovely together...and yes, please do show your new cut!

  2. Yay for anniversary getaways and for me being a winner :)

  3. Ummm... I'll be puttin' the Torchy Taco joint on my list of places to check out!! Those look delicious! You're hubby reminds me of my brother, Jeff a few decades ago. LOL. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! You didn't mention how many I'm wondering :) Whatever the number is I wish you both 100 more!

    Love that knitted hat on the next post...oh! man it that sweet:)

    Can't wait to see you new hair...I'm sure it's fabulous Darling!!!

  5. PS ~ I realized I visit you often but have not joined your site. I'm doing that right now.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Have a great weekend! That food looks wonderful!

  7. Yummy yummy food - and you´re both totally cute! :-)

  8. Looks so yummy, Jen! I don't think KC will be getting a Torchy's anytime soon :( Happy belated anniversary!

  9. Nice pictures, I would have liked the food, is very rich. Feliz aniversario.

  10. I love these. Too cute.

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