exploring oxford

1:16 AM

These are the last set of photos from our fun time in England.  Oxford was our last stop before Heathrow airport.  It was such a fun place to explore!  After living in New Haven for several years, it was so fun to see Oxford University since Yale designed their look to resemble Oxford.  It was a beautiful town that felt so full of life.  I would love to go back someday!


oxford building

stained glass


those clouds

beautiful building

red telephone booth

oxford rendezvous

streets of oxford


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  1. Your pics really make me wanna go there - just look at those buildings! :-)

    Hey, why don´t you link up with Tuesdays around the world today? :-)

  2. Beautiful! I love Oxford, but Cambridge is better. :P :)

  3. Very nice photos! And I have to agree with Elisa, as stunning as Oxford is, I prefer Cambridge =)

  4. Oh! Man! When you go back would you take me with you??? I won't be a bit of trouble. You can take all the pictures because your are soooo good and we can go wherever you want. Pleassssssssse! and I promise I won't whine...I'll bring wine.

    Love the picture of you and the hubby.

    Very cute :)


  5. These are great pictures! Makes me wish I were there!

  6. these pictures are so amazing...I really need to get "out" more. when was the last time I saw a phone booth?? it's been forever for sure! PS I love your header...down to the font.


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