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A few weeks ago, I was asked to take some photos for a series at church titled Family Dynamics.  This was the first time the church used photography to illustrate a series, and I couldn't have felt more honored that they asked me to do it.  The series started this past Sunday, so now I can reveal my project! Below are the three photos they chose to hang at the front. 

holding finger

pile of hands


I had these printed at Costco, sized 20X30 and then mounted on foam board.  I couldn't be happier at how they look up on the stage!  I am so thankful for opportunities like these to get out there and be creative snapping photos.  It's so incredibly life giving!

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  1. So excited FOR you....proud OF...and inspired BY you!

    Glad you are my friend!

  2. That is fantastic - love the pics! Congrats! :-)

  3.! You absolutely rocked this assignment!! Family Dynamics captured perfectly! Beautiful, Jen. Just beautiful! You are using the gift God gave in a way that blesses...


  4. How beautiful...I especially love the hands...what an amazing photo!

  5. Wow, that's wonderful. Using you gifts and skills to bring glory to God and inspiring those around you.

  6. oh how I love these photos.
    I need to add something similar to my requests when we have our photo shoot this Fall at the beach. One year since bringing our little one home. I love seeing her skin color up against mine.

  7. Congrats!!! I totally love your photos! Beautiful!!

    Have a nice day!

  8. Love Love a nice diverse family.
    Totally inspired by the hands in family pic.
    I hope I can remember that for our next family shot.
    I love all the skin colors in our crew.

  9. these pics are so moving and so beautiful!

  10. I love, love, love "hand pictures." Yours are beautiful!

  11. Jen... these are amazing. I can just imagine how beautiful they look in that big size! What a wonderful job you did... perfect for that theme.

  12. What a beautiful and emotion filled piece of work - you must be so thrilled with the result as no doubt your church would be that they asked you. Sincerely, well done.

  13. I love it when pictures speak to me...these are amazing!! Great job & congratulations!!!

  14. Those are some beautiful pictures!

  15. I love the one with all the hands in the center...very neat! And wonderful that you could use your gift for a worship service!


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