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1:11 AM

Week before last I tagged along with my photographer friend, Justin.  Check out his stuff, because it's amazing.  He was going to photograph a paleontologist for an upcoming issue of Texas Monthly and, because I've talked about learning more about using lights, he invited me to come.  That same day I went up to the church to hang my Family Dynamics photos.  I came home from all that bubbling over with excitement, and I realized something.  I realized that I need more creative outlets for my photography.  The ratio between sitting behind my computer and getting out there for the pure sake of taking photos is a little off balance.


pink door

With nothing but a camera in tow, it allows me some creative freedom, and that is very life giving.  My goal right now is to get out once a week for some period of time (it doesn't have to be long) just to take photos.  Last week's photo session was only 20 minutes on account of rain, but it still felt good to be out there.  Along with these photos, here's some more from my photo day out.  I don't feel that they're amazing, but that wasn't really the point.  The point was to have fun and just shoot, so goal accomplished!

reminds me of fall

old railroad


Linking up with Jennifer @ Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday.  Have a lovely weekend.  We're celebrating birthdays this weekend!  Enter here to win 2 books from the Dopple Ganger Chronicles!

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  1. Great idea setting aside time for your priorities! Too often I'm tempted to think something is a priority, but when I look at how I'm spending my time, it doesn't match up.

  2. I think these are great Jen! And I totally understand that goal... just getting some time in to do it! Cool pink door. lol I love the tree, fully changing colors... and right next to one that is totally green. What a neat capture! :)

  3. I'm dropping by from Studio JRU. Your pictures are lovely! I just have a point-and-shoot, but I'm hoping a photographer friend will teach me how to take good photos {& maybe sell me an old SLR or something one day!} How cool that your friend will be in Texas Monthly. I'm a Texan! I'm going to check out his site! :)

  4. You got some great pictures! I would love to learn proper photography skills, someday.

  5. Bravo for your decision to make some time to get out there with that camera. You are so good, girl!! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you bring back from your excursions! Yea! blessings ~ tanna

  6. I love that first photo there. I wish to learn how to take nice photos too.

    Look forward to follow your progress in this new creative pursuit and to more photos.

  7. GOOD FOR YOU for noticing what GOD has in your life to nourish you and then CHOOSING to make it happen.

  8. Good encouragement to "get out there!" I'm always forgetting my camera or my hands full chasing my toddlers around. But I too have been thinking that I need to make time to go out by myself once a week! So glad you had the opportunity to learn from your photographer friend!

  9. I had a great time shooting photos this Friday - great places that you would never guess were there in the town of tweener was in a lot of was!

  10. I love the last shot with the train and flags and from the angle you shot is brilliant!!!

  11. I love the last shot with the train and flags and from the angle you shot is brilliant!!!


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