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Round 1 of canning is complete (only costs $7!) Round 2 will commence next week.

My cooking lately has been almost zilch.  I'm in a serious rut, just barely getting by.  I haven't made many complete meals, but we haven't starved. :)  In the last couple of weeks, I've managed to put these meals on the table...

buttermilk biscuits and eggs (more times than I can count)
wheat bread (love this recipe minus the seeds for a simple wheat bread)
apple butter and applesauce (so glad Sprout's apples were on sale so I could get a batch canned)
beef tips over rice (great Sunday lunch)
chicken broccoli rice bake (love this easy throw together meal)
banana wheat bread (great breakfast to serve to guests)
granola (this is usually a staple in our fridge)

I'm hoping to get out of this rut soon and try some new recipes!

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  1. Love the jars - looks so nice and I´m sure I´d eat them all up if I had the chance. :-)

  2. I totally understand. Last week I sat myself down and looked through cookbooks I was so desperate to cook something else!

  3. This sounds like a pretty delicious rut to be stuck in! =)

  4. I was just talking to a girlfriend about this same thing! We both feel stuck. She has been making too many eggs and I have been making way too much pork chops & rice/chicken & rice, etc. I did just order my groceries...this week I am throwing in tacos to spice it up and making a roast one day. :-)

  5. Same around here, the cupboards have been bare, got to get to the grocery store and get inspired!


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