the groupie

1:33 AM

Tuesday night at the local coffee shop, this was the scene...

the groupie

She was on the front row, almost the whole entire time, listening to these guys...

jeremy singing

taylor singing

mike singing

Yup, one was her dad.  The other two, Taylor Maxwell and Mike Murray, are friends of ours who are on the road playing in various venues.  I always love when people pass along new, awesome music, so I'm passing along some new, awesome music to all of you guys!  Please check out all three of these guys.  They're good.  Like really, really good.  You're welcome. :)

Mike Murray

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  1. So sweet - and music is great! :-)

  2. Love Emma G's dancing!

    I like Jeremy's Love You. Need You. Want You.

  3. Thanks Jen! I love finding new music...your daughter is a girl after my own heart. I can't get enough of live music and would be in that same front row. :-)

  4. AW! What a very cute "groupie"!
    How awesome too that one of the musicians is also available for her...even at special home events...any time her heart desires :o) Love it!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Yay! Your comment was picked for the 250 club flyers! :o) Please leave a comment on my current post to accept and I will contact you with what I need.

  5. So precious!

    Sorry that I haven't popped over here in awhile! Missed you!!


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