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Earlier this year, I had the privilege to take part in a focus group where we were able to give feedback on a new product coming out from DaySpring.  I am so happy to review that new product here!  DaySpring is now offering recordable story books.  The idea is brilliant, really.  With easy instructions, you record yourself reading each page.  You can play it back and if you are happy with the recording, save it, and move on to the next page.

As soon as the story book came in the mail and I saw the title, I knew the perfect recipient and the perfect people to record it.  I Love You From Head To Toe...it sounded like something grandparents should read to their grandchildren, especially when they live far from each other.  So, on our weekend away with Jeremy's parents, I brought the book for them to record for their grandchildren all the way in Africa.

recordable story book

When I participated in the focus group several months ago, I thought $29.99 was a bit of a high price, but when I think about my nieces being able to hear their grandparent's voice whenever they want, reading them a story about how much they love them, well, then I think that's absolutely priceless.  You can't put a dollar sign on that.  It's truly a gift that will always keep giving.

The Giveaway

I have a coupon code to give away for one FREE recordable story book!  Winner pays shipping (approximately $8, orders over $50 receive free shipping).  Giveaway is open to U.S. addresses and ends October 27th at 9pm CST when random number generator will choose a winner.

recordable storybooks

The Details 

1st Entry  Leave me a comment letting me know who you would record a storybook for.

2nd Entry  Become a follower.  If you already are that's fine, too!

3rd Entry  Tweet and / or share on Facebook the following...

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Remember to come back here and leave a separate comment for each entry!
Want more opportunities to win a recordable storybook?  Visit here!

Disclosure: I received a free recordable storybook in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Comments are now closed.  The winner is #21, Elizabeth!

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  1. My parents did a recordable photo album for my kids and it truly is priceless!

    If I won, I would send the book to my in-laws to record for my kids for Christmas.

  2. For my baby for when we are far from family. Good idea.

  3. I would record the storybook and leave it in India at an orphanage I visit two times a year. I'd love to read the ten little precious kids there a story so they could remember I haven't forgotten them.

  4. I would give this as a Christmas present to my cousin Kendra for her new baby that isn't yet born. She lives in Nashville and misses her family, so I know she would appreciate this!

  5. my daughter

  6. I would have my oldest son record it for his little brothers and sister!

  7. And girl. . . you know I am following you too!

  8. I would have my children's nana and grampa record the storybook for them since they live 5 states away.

  9. Thanks to Stephanie for sharing! I am now a follower too:)

  10. I would give it to my mother in law to record for our niece (her granddaughter) who lives away from us. She would love this!!

  11. I love those books! I bought one from hallmark for mom. She loves it. : ) great giveaway.

  12. I would record it for my nephew, Josiah.

    liz @ misswisabus.com

  13. I'm now following your blog (already did on Google reader)

  14. I would love to give this to my granddaughter.
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  15. I don't know if you will ever read this since it is now mid december....but I had to share the fact that I just ordered the book "I love you head to toe" and sent it to my sister who is recently incarcerated but is able to spend a few hours a week with her son who is 5 & is on a work release/home release. Electronic recording devises are not allowed in prison at the current time...but I thought that it could be a really great outreach program to a mom or dad who is incarcerated & there children who get so lost. Christian outreach programs can be really powerful when people are locked up....maybe the prison would consider allowing it...
    have a great day...mcarrotgirl1@gmail.com


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