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This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things that they want to enjoy in their lifetime as a reminder to be aware of their health. Want to enter? Head over to TodaysMama.com to get the details.

1.  Write a book, about what I don't know, but someday...


2.  Take my mom to Sweden to see where her great-grandfather grew up.

photo credit tina jo

3.  Get in a Land Rover with the bare essentials and drive around Africa with my husband and kids. 

4.  Learn how to make curry that tastes like it came straight from India.

indian curry

5.  Have homes on multiple continents.

6.  Knit a pair of socks.

knitting project

7.  Travel internationally at least twice next year.

8.  Buy a new set of couches.

9.  Visit South America.  In all my travels, I've never been to S. America.

10.  Visit several more state parks with the kids.  We've visited a handful but there's lots more to go!

looking at the canyon

11.  Get to a point where I don't dread exercise every.single.day.

12.  Learn to speak another language.

13.  Plant a garden and live off of it.


14.  Learn to sew better and then make a quilt.

 15.  Win this incredible Today's Mama giveaway!

I've never really been one to make bucket lists.  Goals, dreams, desires, yes, but not bucket lists.  Around number 10, I got stumped...what else do I want to do?  I realized that I've been able to experience so much in my 34 years so far, and it's left me with an incredible sense of gratitude to God for the things He's allowed me to be a part of and do.  It has also left me extremely grateful for the three other people in this family that I've been able to experience life with.

Do you have a bucket list?  If so, what's one thing on it?  You can also enter the bucket list giveaway here!

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      1. I enjoyed reading your list and I think I might have a go at writing my own...

        I can already tell you that number 13 will be, "Finish reading War and Peace."

      2. Great post! I don't have a "Bucket list" either. I have never been much for things like that - making resolutions at New Years' and that sort of thing. But sometimes it is good to have attainable goals. I like your list!

        If you haven't started a pair of socks yet, you should try the "straight up socks" pattern on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/straight-up-socks ) It's written very well and very easy to knit, especially for a first pair of socks. Also, try the magic loop method if you haven't before. I find DPNs a bit too fiddly...

        Oh, and I highly suggest visiting Ecuador when you finally do get to South America. Just a little bias on my part of course :-)

      3. It's a great list, something I've not done as yet. Love the photos too

      4. Great list! I would love to travel more. Hopefully, some day. :)

      5. Great list Jen - and glad you had use for one of my pics! :-)

      6. Oh- I completely agree, but #11 hits home the most I think. Love the pics!!! :)


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