lollipop, lollipop, ooh la la, lollipop

1:19 AM

I love using props in photo shoots.  It brings an added level of interest to the photo.  I also love capturing the people interacting with the prop!  A couple of weeks ago I spotted huge lollipops with beautiful swirls at Dollar Tree.  My first thought was, "These would be perfect for photo shoots with kids."  When we headed to East Texas this past Friday, I brought a couple along.  I just love their faces as the kids admired these HUGE pieces of sugar!

standing on the pole

lollis on the pole

licking lollipops

watch the lolli

swinging lollipop

I'll pass along some wisdom that I practiced and found very helpful.  Bring props like these out at the end and plastic baggies to put them in so they can eat them after dinner. :)

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  1. Those lollipops look delicious - and they do add color and fun to the pics! :-)

  2. Before I scrolled down, I thought the girl must be holding the stem of a giant lollipop. LOL! Yours are much more reasonable, and so colourful, too!

  3. Adorable pictures!

  4. The more I see of your wonderful photos, the more I hope we can meet one day and shoot photos all day! Those photos are just wonderful -- and you are so smart to use these big lollipops as props. The children must have loved them. (Heck, *I* would have loved them.) What a great idea!



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