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1:03 AM

Man, this guy is getting big!  His desire for crafting with his mom and posing for my silly photo shoots is diminishing slowly.  Instead he's growing up and wanting to know how he can earn extra money.

sitting on the train

I recently asked him if he wanted to earn a little moulah by coming with me on photo shoots.  His job would be to carry my camera backpack and just help wherever needed.  He loved the idea.  I also told him that he could ask me any questions he wanted to about photography.  I love being able to foster his interest and spend time with him one-on-one.  He's come with me twice and it's been great!  He's asked some really great questions.  My favorite part of it is grabbing a bite to eat after and just being together.  I really love this kid!

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  1. Lovely - it´s so nice to have those talks! :-)

  2. Nice picture, I like, nice view. Beautiful portrait.

  3. Good idea :) I loved being my dad's helper growing up. Not only did I learn a ton, I now have so many wonderful memories of our time spent together.

  4. That is so fantastic! Hard to find that quality time with good on so many levels. :-)

  5. They grow up so fast! The cool thing is that by doing this now, he will probably still want to hang out with mom when he gets older. My 17 yr. old son is still willing to go places with me and bake in the kitchen with me.

    It's great when we can pass the things that we love on to our children.

  6. Aww... that is so sweet that he is your helper! I'm sure that the two of you will make some great memories of this time together. Love that photo of him by the train! :)

  7. I think that is a wonderful idea- my kids are also interested in photography since seeing me with the camera in my hands all the time. I try to share as much as I can with them & I figure that by the time they are ready for a job- they will know more about it than I do & have so much experience.

  8. What wonderful mother-son time!

  9. Great photo and even great memory, huh?


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