of colossal proportions

1:15 AM

kissing hannah

Our three day weekend was not boring in the least.  Friday we took the kids out of school just a little bit early and headed to Grapevine for some face time with the grandparents.  Although our 24 hours together felt very short, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. 

EG & hannah

jman & pops

We celebrated three birthdays, Jeremy, Emma G, and Pops!  Three birthday celebrations in a 24 hour period translates to shopping, Mexican food, and desserts of colossal proportions.

big strawberry shortcake

Emma G's strawberry shortcake was so huge (she certainly didn't finish it) that Joshua felt a little cheated with his portion.

small ice cream

Thanks, Pops and Hannah, for a great weekend and for spoiling all of us!  Did you do anything fun on your three day weekend?

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  1. Lovely pics - and I definately want a piece of that dessert..! :-)

  2. Emma G's expression looking at her dessert is priceless!

  3. Oh, Jen! Emma's expression seeing that strawberry short cake is priceless!!! Love it! And, I can see why Joshua had his expression, too. ;) Such good family fun! We celebrated a birthday this weekend, too. Always a good thing to celebrate with family. Happy Birthday to all your October folks! blessings ~ Tanna

  4. Great pictures! Visits with grandparents are always fun, even short visits!

  5. I LOVE the strawberry shortcake picture....and now I want some too!!

  6. Beautiful pictures full of tenderness.

  7. I especially love Emma's delight! :) Great photos -- thanks for sharing.

  8. LOVE that face with the strawberry dish- TOO ADORABLE!

  9. Time with grandparents is the best! I love the strawberry shortcake eyes... priceless! :)

  10. these are all great, but the shortcake one really takes the cake. HAHA, get it? ; )


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