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Oh.my.word.  This has been a busy week.  It's one of those good but busy weeks.  We hosted guests.  I did some photo shoots, and I listened to my husband's live concert at the local coffee shop!  (More on that later.)  I've been knee deep in trying to keep my house tidy and editing photos.  That combo does not work well together, for the record.


In the middle of all that busyness, I was able to get in a little creative time with the help of TXU Energy.  I was invited to attend MOMPOWER.  Several DFW bloggers got together, enjoyed some amazing food from the cooking school at Central Market, and learned some tips from professional pumpkin carver, Mathew McIntosh.  My kids were in school but I brought along my sidekick, Ethan, to carve!  We barely had enough time to finish his, so I brought my pumpkin home for the kids.

her pumpkin

I have never carved a pumpkin.  I think it's because I really don't do Halloween decorations.  It's definitely harder than you think!  Miss Emma and I attempted to make the friendliest looking pumpkin we could.  He was supposed to have 3 teeth but when you carve a little too close, well, let's just say he already lost his first tooth.


TXU Energy gave us some great energy efficient LED lights, so every night Emma G turns it on for everyone to see.  Use coupon code SPOOKY to order your LED lights from Brighten Online Energy Store and save $10 on orders of $30 or more plus free shipping!  Code expires November 30th.   

Have you ever carved pumpkins before?  Check out some of the tips Mathew gave us!


Linking up with Jennifer @ Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday.  Also, enter my giveaway for a recordable storybook for your loved ones near and far!

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  1. So sweet - love this tradition of yours, may have to borrow it. :-)

  2. Very nicely carved! Does the tooth fairy visit pumpkins??

  3. That's a great pumpkin! We used to carve pumpkins when the kids were little but it was my husband's job to help. It was just a little too messy for me! lol

  4. I think your pumpkin is cute with just 2 teeth :)

  5. That is a cute pumpkin! I haven't carved a pumpkin since I was a teenager. Maybe I'll do one with the kids next year...

  6. Spooky... i love the light effect

  7. South Africa does not really do Halloween... the only time i have seen big pumpkin's..were when we visited Canada, but i can imagine that it is quite a task...but i do like your friendly guy...

  8. Visiting from In the Studio - very cute pumpkin!

  9. How sweet! I love the friendly looking pumpkin. We don't carve pumpkins either... but I think they are cute. :)

  10. I love carving pumpkins!! Did you save the seeds to bake?? They are so nummy. I hear you about keeping up with everything...I can't do it and I don't even have kids. I can't imagine adding that into the mix. Here I am on Saturday night trying to catch up on blogs. :-) Hope you find some down time this weekend!

  11. Cute little pumpkin, Jen! My son cannot wait to carve ours :)


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