staging a picnic

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When taking portraits, I believe the background is just as important as the composition of the photo.  When I was asked to take portraits at the Fall Carnival at church to benefit the mission trip going to India, I knew I wanted to incorporate a fun background.  I was totally blank until I scouted out the grounds.  When I saw the tall grass and willows at the back of the property, the inspiration came, and I started gathering my props.  A piece of material (I'm now on the lookout for a cool old quilt for future shoots), a basket of apples, a bowl of grapes, a tray of fresh bread, a juice bottle, long stemmed sunflowers, and teacups were the perfect pieces to stage my picnic!

family picnic shoot

cute kids

enjoying the picnic

cute sisters

And since the area was already staged, I couldn't resist taking some photos of Miss Emma.  Cupcake courtesy of the cake walk!

on the picnic blanket

eating her cupcake

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  1. Great pics and sweet kids! :-)

  2. i love your idea, of picnic, as a photo shoot...

  3. What a cute {& inexpensive} idea for a photo shoot! I bet you could find an old quilt at a resale shop! The fabric totally worked, though!

  4. Wow, Jen...I adore these shots! And, the 3rd pic is so amazing.

  5. Love, love the picnic idea! What an adorable family. Great photos Jen! Miss Emma and the cupcake is so cute! :)

  6. So cute! Isn't it fun coming up with prop ideas? It is hard but I am really enjoying it. Great job!

  7. so cute! i'll be on the lookout for a quilt for you also :) it would be perfect for this!

  8. Yes, cupcakes are a crucial part of every picnic! =>


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