texas state fair at night

1:16 AM

Last Wednesday I met up with Alisha and some other DFW photographers to catch some nightlife at the State Fair!  It was so much fun and definitely my creative photography adventure for the week.  It was so nice to be able to walk through the fair with the sole purpose of photography.  I also loved being able to practice on some night photography.  It's something I haven't done a lot of, but it can be so much fun to play around with your settings and capture the lights.  Here's some of my favorites from my evening out.

big tex

ferris wheel

welcome to carousel park


cotton candy

making cotton candy

swirling ride

fair games

The kids are out of school today for Columbus Day so we're headed to the fair!  I grew up in Dallas but never once ventured to the state fair.  I can't believe I'm going twice in one week!  If you're in the Dallas area, you should check out all the deals out there for fair tickets.

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  1. These are awesome - wish you could teach me, I lack a lot of skills when it comes to night photography!

  2. VERY cool shots! I don't know a thing about night photography, but it looks like you sure do!

  3. Spectacular photos! What a fun night!

  4. Beautiful!! Ok... I totally need you to give me some quick (easy) tips for night photos. I tried some recently and had such a terrible time! I tried the night setting and no flash and they all seemed blurry. :( Your photos are amazing! Looks like so much fun!

  5. So fun! I love the cotton candy picture...way cool. You are very talented Jen!

  6. Perfect photos -- I wish I could have been there with you guys...

    I didn't go to Oktoberfest at night (too many drunken people for my taste), but I certainly would love to take a few night photos at a fairground. Well, at least I now have yours to look at! :)

    Happy shooting,

  7. Really amazing shots - particularly impressed with your 2nd and 4th pictures.

  8. Awesome photos - I can feel the atmosphere of the fair just by looking at these shots!

  9. Wow, those are some great pics!

  10. These are AMAZING...the carousel captures are so cool.

  11. Love your second last shot! I love fairs/ carnivals/ exhibitions/ everything of that sort :)

  12. Great photos! The weather here has been to rainy to make it to our fair. So sad!

  13. Beautifully done, Jen!


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