autumn splendor

12:13 AM

flag ceremony

The I Heart Faces photo challenge this week is Autumn Splendor.  We used to live in New England where those two words put together definitely meant something spectacular.  Reds, browns, oranges, yellows, it was amazing.  After suffering such a bad drought this summer here in Texas (which we are still recovering from) I haven't seen many traces of autumn.  There's some beautiful trees here and there, but it definitely doesn't feel like autumn.  (As I sit and write this, it's 80 degrees the middle of November.)

The boys went camping this weekend with the cub scouts.  It reminded me of last year's camping trip where the beautiful yellows felt like autumn, so I decided to enter this photo and remember cooler days and beautiful colors.


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  1. I love, exquisite picture, the light is pure finesse.

  2. Ah, that picture reflects my neck of the woods as well. Wonderful picture, you captured such a moving moment, love it.

  3. Love that photo... and all it stands for... blessings ~ tanna

  4. That was a picture perfect day!

  5. This is an amazing photograph. Such a great memory you captured.

  6. This is gorgeous!! Looks like it could have come straight from a Norman Rockwell piece! Beautiful!

  7. Love the colors in that photo! We always enjoy the beautiful colors in New England - it may be my favorite thing about living here!

  8. Awesome picture!! 80 degrees...geez. :-)

  9. I love seeing the word autumn, all I ever hear here is the 'fall' LOL!!

    looking forward to reading more of your blog and your life stories!


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