l.a. at night

12:24 AM

Finally, I'm sharing the night shots I took of L.A. while staying at the Four Seasons for the Alvin And The Chipmunks : Chipwrecked press junket.  My 12th floor balcony was a perfect place to set my camera for some fun night photography.   Although, it was incredibly windy (did y'all hear about the recent winds there?) and I was trying very hard to make sure my camera didn't fall 12 stories down.

alvin poster at night

buildings in the distance

l.a. at night

The more I do night photography, the more I actually like it.  Do you see the Alvin movie poster in one of the shots??

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  1. Love the turning headlights in the first photo. And great work protecting your camera - high winds on high-rise balconies are no joke!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Glad you didn't drop your camera! =)

  3. Ah-maze-ing. Jen... these are so beautiful! The only night lights we see around here are the stars. :) Don't get me wrong... the stars are SO beautiful. But it is neat to see all those night lights too! :)


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