it's basketball season

12:15 AM

Which means our Saturdays involve watching our boy play his heart out!  It also means that number four is my favorite number right now. :)


I brought my camera to Saturday's game and The Grizzlies won for the first time!  Hmmm...maybe I should bring my camera every game.


For the sake of not posting other people's children on the internet, I picked the ones of just Joshua, but I promise there were other players out there.  He does a mean job of blocking and going for the rebound.

basketball 2012

For the record, I don't know that I could ever be a sports photographer.  Oh, my!  It's hard enough catching the kids in a crisp clear shot.  I can't imagine trying to capture professional sports players!

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  1. Great - I love when kids are doing sports! :-)

  2. He looks like he's really into the game! Great job!

  3. Love the focus in his face! Great photos!

  4. it is a great sport..that they can play for many years! My husband is 50 and I am trying to talk him into golf instead..I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  5. i love this! he is so cute! i hope he's having a wonderful time playing this season!

  6. You've inspired me to take MY camera to our next game. I always feel like the silly over enthusiastic mom when I do, but what great pics! I just love all the wonderful things they learn through such a great team sport too!

  7. Basketball is so much fun! These are great shots Jen! He is so cute! :)


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