the jellyfish are my favs

12:07 AM

fish kiss

During Christmas break, I used my free Sea Life Aquarium passes and took the kids to see fish.  They absolutely loved it!  I love experiencing new things through their eyes.  It truly is magical.

in the tunnel

amazed by the shark

The shark tank was pretty cool and made for some great photos, but my favorite was the jellyfish.  They move so gracefully in the water.  I think I could have watched them all day.  Well, if not for two excited children ready to complete their scavenger hunt. :)


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  1. As you might have seen from my Chicago posts, I really do love jelly fish too! :-) Great pics!

  2. Fab photo of your kids walking through the water tunnel. I love places like that!!

  3. That looks like fun! We don't have anything like that around here.

  4. These are wonderful!!! Great shots, Jen!! blessings ~ tanna

  5. That aquarium looks amazing. What a fun outing!

  6. i love the aquarium! those photos are fantastic!

  7. Lovely photos, Jen, especially the silhouette of your daughter in front of the blue glow of the fish tank!

  8. That is so neat! Makes me want to go an aquarium! :)

  9. these are cool shots. I really love that aquarium tunnel, we don't have one of those at our aquarium...otherwise I might hang out there more, with my camera of course. : )

    thanks so much for showing off your shot this week!


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