raw and imperfect

12:15 AM

Joshua recently asked me if I would post some of his photos.  I love that he even cares about that and that he asked me.  He really is getting quite good, and I want to encourage him in it as much as possible.  It was one of those weeks, however, that felt like it left little time to have some fun shooting (both for him and myself).

raw & imperfect

He took this photo of me during our Valentine's Photo Booth shoot.  I really like his composition, and that's why I'm posting it.  I don't like the dark circles under my eyes (it was a not makeup day), or the fact that I didn't blow dry my hair.  Obviously I had better things to do on this day, and I did not think I would have my photo taken.  However, I post it because it's raw (I resisted the temptation to edit it) and because I need to let go of my perfectionistic tendencies sometimes (this post awakened that). Sometimes letting go is part of taking a risk, isn't it?

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  1. When I look at the picture, I simply notice your lovely eye-color. Embracing the imperfect is a risk, and one well worth taking.

    I learned as a new mum that the days I wasn't ready to been seen were *always* the says someone would drop by or I would have to go out. Why does it work like that??

  2. What fun ... nice mustache ...

  3. You look great! I feel the same way and almost each time I post...I have a little tingle of fear. It is awesome that you are putting yourself out there...taking the risk! Oh and great job, kiddo on the picture!

  4. I completely understand those last couple of sentences! I'm proud of you for posting a picture without makeup! I don't generally leave the house (or have a picture taken) without at least a little mascara, but I actually ran errands without a speck of makeup on one day. It was liberating to let go of that perfectionistic (& vain) part of me. It IS a risk, sort of exposing yourself like that. You go, girl! {& the picture is great, by the way!}

  5. Your son does a great job! That's a great picture!

    I didn't have on makeup yesterday and my daughter wanted me to take her to WalMart. I told her no because I didn't even have on makeup. Her response - "You don't look any different than you ever do!" I think she just wanted to get to WalMart but sometimes things like makeup just aren't as important as we think.

    I think Joshua has a great career or hobby ahead of him in photography!

  6. The firs thing that I saw was how pretty and blue your eyes were! SO funny how we tend to see only the negatives in our own reflections...like you I'm working on accepting myself in the camera lens this year. You go girl!

  7. Yes, letting go is part of the risk! Good for you posting this photo. It IS beautifully composed and REAL. Awesome, Jen!

  8. What a great photo Jen! Such a talented young man you have there. And he had a beautiful subject to work with! :) I am so glad to learn that I am not alone in my want to let go of some of those perfectionistic tendencies. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Which dark circles? Personally, I don't understand the need for wearing makeup before being able to leave the house...

    Have a great Sunday,


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