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She's so #cool.
isn't she the coolest??

I'm back!  I can't believe I was gone from here for a week!  I got my computer back on Friday and I've worked off and on since then putting files back on. It's a lot of work! I had visions of working on all kinds of crafting and sewing projects while I was away from this space.  That didn't quite happen.  It seems I needed to focus my energies elsewhere for the week...

I can't wait to share more about my involvement in Ten Thousand Homes (I promise a post is coming soon!).  This week I concentrated on communicating through social media where we were with our campaign to raise money for Phase 1 of University Village.  Can you believe that $77,000 was raised in just two months to purchase this property to train Africans?  My heart has been rejoicing!

In the midst of that joy, however, my heart was heavy and my prayers focused.  We have some friends from the days when we lived in E. Texas whose two year old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer last month.  I just can't imagine the new reality they are in. You can keep up with Phoebe and updates on her condition here.

Then some my friends of mine from high school youth group days (you might recognize BlissfulE from the comments section), their parents were hit by a car while walking. Their mom came away with a broken pelvis and has now been released from the hospital. Their dad is in stable but critical condition after immediate brain surgery. You can read his updates here.

I don't mean to be so heavy after being away, but I've had such a range of emotions this past week. From joy to sorrow to praying and believing for miracles. I hope you will rejoice with me as well as send your thoughts and prayers to these two families. After all, isn't that the beauty of blogging? That we can celebrate each other's joys and lift each other up when we need it?

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  1. Praying for all those situations! May God continue to heal them! That's exciting news about the money being raised--and in such a short amount of time!?! Definitely God. :) And I totally agree; it is really incredible the kinds of prayer and support that can be found in the blogosphere! Not the same as in person, but a blessing none the less :) Glad to see you back; every time I logged in I was surprised to not see any updated posts!

  2. Great photo with a good shot, I love the color. Greetings.

  3. Celebrating and praying, Jen. What a week! tanna

  4. She is definitely a cutie!

    Glad you're back and it sounds like you had a busy time off! Happy to hear about the great fund raising and praying for the needs.

  5. wow..that is a range of emotions! aug..such is life! One of my best friends brother died unexpectedly at age 54..last night at a party that was really all we talked about.....You just never know....we have to always be good!
    hang in there.!

  6. Girl, I definitely understand about the heavy post, & I am so incredibly grateful for my bloggy friends lifting me up when I need it! I am so sorry that your friends are going through these terribly difficult circumstances. I'll keep them in my prayers!

  7. Sounds like you were doing great things during your time off!

    So sad to hear about Phoebe, especially alongside the news about Elisa's parents! Keeping them all in our prayers.

  8. So glad you are back... I missed coming here! Rejoicing for the good things with you, praying for the hard things with you. ♥


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