the eye

12:04 AM

the london eye

Yes, another photo I found while searching the archives. The London Eye is cool but that sky is what makes the photo for me. Love it when you don't have to edit in a beautiful sky. It's just there.

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  1. wouldn't it be cheating to edit in a "nice sky"?

  2. That's the kind of beautiful day you just take a deep breath and feel so glad to be alive!! Gorgeous photo! blessings ~ Tanna

  3. That is definitely a picture perfect sky!

  4. Beautiful sky and great perspective of the wheel, very pretty picture. regards

  5. {sigh} It's beautiful.

    The 8 hours I spent in London with A on a layover got deleted so I have no record except my memories...the thought of it brings a pang to my heart...every time....

    When were you last there?


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