handmade valentine's for her

12:18 AM

If you've been a regular reader here for any period of time, you might have guessed that I like to make things.  I count holidays as the perfect excuse to make something, anything.  Well, there's been a whole lot of making around here lately.

diapers & wipes

baby blanket

After making my most favorite birthday gift ever, I kept going to make some goodies for Emma G. A blanket, baby clothes, diapers, and her favorite, wipes. I had no idea she would go crazy over little wipes, but she was so happy when she saw them.

criss cross     summer dress

green knit dress    knit dress & bloomers

Patterns: diapers, wipescriss cross dress, & bloomers. (Knit dress is my own pattern I don't have published anywhere.)

hair clip organizer

I couldn't stop there, though. Emma G really needed something for her plethora of hair clips so I made her a little hair clip birdie. I saw the original idea in an issue of Simply Handmade (Be Mine). The top was a heart but I changed it to a bird. It was super easy to make!



Did you make any fun Valentine's crafts?


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  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet Valentine's gifts, Jen!! And, you know I just love that afghan!!! ;) Admire it greatly! Have a wonderful weekend. blessings ~ Tanna

  2. You amaze me!! The only craft we did was your boxes...hehe!!!

  3. I love this all, tho' sweet tweener has outgrown the need for dolly diapers and wipes...I am pinning this so I can get back to it easily!


  4. What great gifts. I love your version of the hairclip holder. A bird just makes anything prettier.....

  5. I completely understand her loving the wipes! Those kinds of things were my favorite when I was a little kid. That's the best dressed doll that I've seen in a long time!

  6. Oh my gosh... so, so cute! I would have loved that for my cabbage patch kids! :) Your dresses are adorable. I can imagine how excited Emma G was!

  7. Emma G is surely sooo pleased! your projects are wonderful. i'm pinning the clip bird. thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  8. What a great project! It's going to make someone very happy indeed! Patsy from

  9. Such cute gifts!!! I should make my kiddos some cloth wipes for their dolls - they would love that, too!

  10. I love the little outfits, and what an adorable clip holder!


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