my two night get away

11:53 AM

"It'll be like a two night all-expense paid get away." That's what my awesome friend, Christine, said to me when she asked if I would spend the weekend as a girl sponsor with 60 teenagers at the youth winter retreat. Hmmm...that sounded good except having to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, somehow it didn't sound like the get away that I would usually imagine.

smashed egg

My introverted self was telling me, "But you don't know anybody and you're not the best at just going up and talking to people," but my heart was telling me, "You should go." So I did. And I had a great time.

pulling the rope

I learned that most kids have a cell phone by the age of 14 (I believe I was 22 when I got my first cell phone) and every girl has a flat iron in her bag of tricks. I also learned that teenagers face a lot more than I did.

riding horses

The speaker for the weekend talked about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abdnego, and how they were teenagers who made a difference. I began thinking about the fiery furnace situations in our own lives and the choice we have to call on God. As a teenager, I think that choice is much harder to make with the pressure and influences all around you. It's not easy being different.


I met some great new peeps, made some memories (like getting soaked in the rain), ate some delicious s'mores, and had a great time. I am so glad I went!

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  1. Looks super nice, love it! Good that you seezed the moment! :-)

  2. Yay... looks like a wonderful experience Jen! I am with you... I didn't have a cell phone until my early 20's. And most people have had dozens of them... the one we have now is only our second phone! lol

  3. The comment about the cell phone reminds me .. I have mine somewhere and should probably put some credit on it ... looks like you had some fun over the weekend.

  4. That sounds and looks like it was a wonderful 2 day getaway :o) How fun! (We were one of the last to get a cell phone too...and of my family, I am the only one without a "smart" phone :o)...I am pretty happy with my basic cell. (I still have to ask one of our kids or my hubby which remote turns on our DVD!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Oh! I'd love to see how your cards turned out from UPrinting :o)

  5. How fun! I love hanging out with our students, but I can understand how you could feel a little intimidated (especially as an introvert). I'm proud of you for stepping out & doing something a little out of your comfort zone! One more RISK for this year!

  6. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Out here, a lot of kids are getting phones as young as 8(!)

  7. I think my first reaction would be the same as yours but it sounds like you had a great time! Teenagers definitely have it much harder now, and I NEVER let my kids stay away from home without their cell phones. Too many things could happen and they need to be able to call me.

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  8. Yes. That is lovely. I love time with teenagers. So glad that you got to go.

    I was 22 when I got a cell phone too, by the funny to think of how different that is now. I am glad it was the way it was when we were teens though....

  9. What a great reminder that when we get into those fiery furnace situations we can stand firm through the power of Christ. I definitely think that's a message teens really need to hear today and that they can make a difference. Being around people like you helps them see that it is possible. I am seeing more and more how important it is for adults to invest TIME in relationships with teens.

    So glad you followed your heart and what the Lord led you to do. Looks like you had a great time and survived, hehe...


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