soccer season opener

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soccer opener

Saturday was a special day. Not only was it the soccer season opener, but it was the first time Emma G participated in anything extracurricular, sports related. I was really surprised when she told me last month that she wanted to play soccer. I never pegged her as one who would enjoy sports, but I knew it would be good for her, so we signed her up.


I had to laugh out loud as she slowly began to realize what that meant. I told her she might have some early morning games. Early and EG don't mesh well together. A look of panic came across her face. Luckily, all of her games will be around noon. Then came the subject of soccer attire. My little fashionista was shocked when she saw what she had to wear. Thankfully she's eased into it quite well and discovered she likes her sporty look.

going after the ball

The Purple Panthers lost their first game, but it was a blast to watch them. I think I'm going to like these soccer Saturdays. Well, at least if the day is as beautiful as it was!

after the game

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  1. That's great that Emma G is trying something new! I guess this makes you a soccer mom. :)

  2. That´s so nice - both my sons play! :-)

  3. Oh, I hope she loves playing!! Soccer is such a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors! blessings ~ Tanna
    ps tell her she looks wonderful in her sport attire!

  4. My kids played soccer for a few seasons! I didn't like the early morning games!! It was fun watching all the little kids play, though! I hope she enjoys it!!

  5. How fun! I should look into when our soccer season starts...

  6. How fun! Glad she had a great time. Allan started playing when he was 3 and still plays in an adult league. I'm terrible at soccer!

  7. She is so cute! She looks good in her sporty purple too... love the matching hair band! :)


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