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12:08 AM

"Mama, can we create something?" I quickly replied, "Yes!" partly because I felt horrible that I had forgotten to pick her up at school (it sounds worse than it is but I won't explain here) and partly because it just sounded like a fun time with my girl. I don't know what kind of vibes I give off, but honestly I go into overdrive mode with my projects.  I love the little reminders that I need to pause creating for my kids and create with my kids.

christian dior inspired

We were inspired by some Christian Dior paper dolls she got for Christmas and made a fabulous dress using her wire form doll and some fabric scraps. I love her fashion creativity!

using chalks

being creative

We continued our creatin' this week when I asked her to paint Roman numerals on a clock I received for Christmas. Her medium of choice was actually Pearlescent chalks (I actually like it better). I had her look in the living room and pick out which colors she thought would go well. She did a great job. Not only was it fun and creative but educational as she learned her Roman numerals!


Have you done any creating with your kids this week?

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  1. Wow! Very cool results from that creative time! :)

  2. I think we may have a little designer on our hands. ;) Very nice projects indeed!! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Fun!!! No creating yet...but today, I hope to make bird seed hearts!!

  4. Both of those look so good! How creative!

  5. Love the dress!

    Saw this this morning and thought it was fun that we basically blogged about the same thing today :) - sorry it took all day to drop by!

  6. Both projects turned out great!! I haven't done any creating with my kids lately ~ maybe during Spring Break!

  7. OH how fun! What a fantabulous dress! The clock is so neat too!!

  8. love the clock!! Your child must be brilliant..seems like mine can only read digital and you have now added another language!!
    I have forgotten about picking kids up many times....they now pretty much remind me by leaving notes all over the place in caps, "YOU ARE PICKING UP TODAY!"

  9. What fun creative time! My kids are into making thank you cards, it is so cute:)

  10. I hope I'm as fun of a mom as you are one day!!


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