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I recently finished knitting Phoebe...for Phoebe. Fellow YWAMers (Youth With A Mission-ites) that we knew from the days we lived in Tyler, found out the beginning of this year that their sweet two-year-old girl had AT/RT cancer, a rare childhood brain cancer with only 30 newly diagnosed cases each year. As I've followed their daily posts on Phoebe's progress, my heart and prayers for them have increased. Phoebe, so far, has spent all of 2012 in the hospital.

My crafting genes were itching to make something for her, but the question was what. Then, like a light bulb coming on, I had it. Phoebe Mouse! Phoebe Mouse is quite the busy traveler. You might remember her showing up at Emma G's 6th birthday party. She was also sited in the Summer 2011 issue of Artful Blogging. You can see all of her travels on her blog. Well, now I hope Phoebe is bringing smiles to Phoebe as she fights cancer in the hospital.

phoebe mouse 

 I've only met Joanna Johnson, author of Phoebe's Sweater, in cyberspace, but I suspect we would have such a lovely chat over coffee should we meet in person someday. When I shared with her Phoebe's story, she graciously donated a copy of Phoebe's Sweater to go with Phoebe Mouse. Thank you, Joanna!

with her sweater on 

 Please pray for little Phoebe Fair. I can't imagine everything they are going through right now. I encourage you to visit her blog. Her mom, Amey, writes with such hope. It's amazing to read such sad news and yet walk away feeling encouraged.

back of sweater 

 Side note: Phoebe's Sweater is a beautiful children's book. Phoebe's mama knits her a sweater while waiting for her new baby to arrive! The back of the book contains all the knitting patterns for Phoebe Mouse, her dress, sweater, and a sweater for a child. Other books by Joanna Johnson include Freddie's Blanket and Phoebe's Birthday, coming out this Spring!


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  1. She's gorgeous, and I'm sure her recipient will be over the moon! What a lovely way to send joy.

  2. Jen- You did a wonderful job on Phoebe. I am sure Phoebe will find great comfort in her.

  3. What a beautiful Phoebe--both of them. I saw your thumbnail at Jennifer's In the Studio Friday and had to click over. Joanna Johnson is a dear friend and neighbor of mine.

    I, too, have friends battling cancer with their child. I am so sure that your gift is going to be a comfort to them and their daughter. It's such a joy to be able to use one's crafty-inclinations for such noble purposes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a lovely gift! I'm sure she will be much appreciated and very loved.

  5. That is just precious! I love it and I know Pheobe surely will!! Thank you for using your talents to bless others.

  6. Oh Jen... this is such a sweet gift for sweet Phoebe! A beautifully thoughtful gift. I am sure she will just love it. Praying for precious Phoebe!


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