precious baby {photography}

12:00 AM

I spent the better part of yesterday looking at this precious baby. Isn't she beautiful? I've always stereotyped fourth babies as being extremely laid back. She definitely confirmed my suspicions. What a dream for my first baby photo shoot! Following my sneak peek, these are some of my favorites...

in the air

beautiful blue eyes

hands in mouth

laughing at mama


with mama

looking in the mirror

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  1. Gorgeous!! Love the way you captured that beautiful baby from so many angles. The first photo is my fav, capturing such a lovely connection between mum and bub. I find the mirror photo mesmerising. Very cool photo shoot!

  2. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful baby!

  3. Beautiful shots! She reminds me so much of Noah in that second picture!!

  4. These pictures are pure tenderness, delightful portraits.

  5. Jen they are precious!! You did a beautiful job capturing the beauty of this little one. The second and third are my favorites! Adorable! :)

  6. She really is so precious! I love babies! Is it terrible that part of the reason I wanted to be a Mentor Mom for MOPS was so that I could hold babies?! I get to hold some tomorrow!! :)

  7. Awe, she's so adorable. The photos are picture perfect.

  8. oh wow...what fabulous pictures!


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