daddy's girl

12:00 AM

When Jeremy was away recently in S. Africa, his little girl really missed him. She's turned into quite the daddy's girl lately. On the day of his return, she gathered supplies, shut her door with instructions to not disturb her, and came out with a masterpiece. Looking at this framed photo in her room,

daughter kisses

she created this. An awesome masterpiece, for real.

daddy's girl

I love it!

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  1. she did a great job, and her reference picture is really special. Love the bond between father and daughter

  2. W.O.W!!! you definitely have an artist on your hands, Jen!! LOVE it!! blessings ~ tanna
    ps love the photo, too!!captures that sweet love perfectly.

  3. Oh that is so sweet! Love that she took her supplies and gave instructions to leave her alone! :)

  4. Beautiful! Our Emma is a HUGE Daddy's girl.

    Love Emma G's pink hat, too :)

  5. Fabulous! Wow! I love how your photography, plus love for her dad, inspired her paining!


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