in the wildflowers {photography}

12:00 AM

Thanks so much for Joshua's birthday wishes yesterday! I do believe his 10th birthday will be one he will never forget. If you didn't hear on the news, we got some pretty bad storms yesterday. There were some tornadoes that touched down in the area. Right as we pulled into the parking lot to pick up the kids, the city sirens went off. The school went on lock down until the tornado warnings were over. We just hung out in the library for about an hour until they released the kids to us. Poor guy had to stay late at school on his birthday! I told him that doesn't make it bad, just memorable. :)

Now onto what this post is actually supposed to be! Over the weekend I took some family and senior photos. The family photos are still waiting for their edits, but I couldn't wait to post these photos in the wildflowers. Doesn't she look stunning?

walking through wildflowers

love the sun

hand through hair

head shot

holding flowers

looking up

These were taken at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, SUCH a great place to take photos.

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  1. Beautiful photos! And glad you were all safe during the storms yesterday!!!

  2. A memorable 10th birthday for sure! Ben's and my first date was on a night of huge tornadoes. They're not all bad, especially since you were safe.

    Terrific photos, especially that last one. Wow!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I did hear about the storms yesterday and I'm glad you and your family are fine, even if the kids had extra time at school.

  4. Memorable is a great way to put it! I'm glad y'all are safe!

    Absolutely beautiful photos!

  5. Gorgeous the flowers and her powerful eyes in the last shot!


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