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12:00 AM

When a friend contacted me to photograph his family as a Mother's Day gift for his Mom, I was too excited, because that Mom is a fellow friend who works in Romania. I knew that this would be a priceless gift that would be treasured while she is away from her family. I think this was the largest family that I've ever photographed. I love the bright colors they wore against the white siding of this cute little church. I also love how the group photos of the boys and girls turned out! I guess I haven't photographed many families against straight lines. Thus the Photoshop ruler tool quickly became my friend to straighten photos! It's amazing!



girls all dressed up

the stache club

daddy & baby girl

grandma kisses

mama & baby

And because this little princess was just too cute, I have to post this one...

princess e

These were taken at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Wylie, TX.

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  1. Pretty special photos, you really captured their heart in these shots.

  2. These are fantastic!! Such a beautiful family. That church as the backdrop... LOVE it! Truly a priceless gift. Great job Jen!

  3. Great photos! I love the baby :)

  4. I love all the bright colors against the white! What a creative & beautiful photo shoot!


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