glowing backlight :: family portraits

12:00 AM

My favorite time of day to take photos is usually around 5-6:30 pm (right now anyways). When the sun is out and starting it's descent, it creates such a beautiful backlight that just glows. It was hard to pick only a few favorites from this session but I tried...

beautiful family on the bridge

sweet kisses



dad & daughter

smelling flowers

beautiful mama & her boys

father & sons 

Doesn't it just make you want to find a field of wildflowers at sunset and bask in the beauty?

If you're interested in portraits, email me to schedule a time before the Texas heat hits!

These were taken at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, TX.


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  1. I like that light too - it´s so soft and golden. Lovely pics!

  2. Your choice of timing is perfect. Especially love the soft light in the photo of the beautiful young lady and her flower! blessings ~ Tanna

  3. Nice photos, looks delicious and full of smiles and happiness tenderness.

  4. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous family! That kiss photo is absolutely precious!

    And that is my favorite time of day for pictures!

  5. These are so beautiful Jen! You are right... the lighting is amazing! What a precious family. Great captured moments!!

  6. Lovely photos! Enjoyed my visit - and thank you for your visit to my honeymoon scrapbooking post ... August 21st is a special day for more than one reason!


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