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Here's Lily! is the first book in The Lily Series which has sold over one million copies. When it arrived in the mail, Emma G was so excited about the redhead on the cover exclaiming, "Now there's two redheads in the house!" (her Daddy being the first and foremost).

I was excited about this book for another reason. The message is one that applies to young girls everywhere...that real beauty is more than makeup and pretty clothes. That real beauty comes from within. It's comes from walking in the confidence of who God made us to be. As 6th grader Lily moves toward her goal of winning the model search fashion show, she learns this important lesson along the way. Emma G and I are only partway through this book, but we are loving it!


Up for giveaway is one copy of Here's Lily! courtesy of Tommy Nelson! Be sure to catch a sneak peek of this book by Nancy Rue, geared toward ages 7 and up. Giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only and ends Thursday, May 31st at 9 pm CST when random number generator will choose one winner!



1st Entry  Answer this question...

How do you apply God’s definition of beauty with your daughters in today’s world?

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#Win Here's Lily! from @TommyNelson & teach your daughters where true beauty comes from. #giveaway @jenprice77

Be sure to come back here and leave a separate comment for each entry. Also be sure I have a way to contact you should you win!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Here's Lily! from Tommy Nelson in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Comments are now closed. The winner is MaryAnne!

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  1. I think teaching children about true beauty is more important now than ever before. The central message, I think, is that true beauty comes from the inside out, not the the outside in.

  2. My daughter taught me as much as I ever taught her... ;) blessings ~ tanna

  3. My baby girl is too old for this book, but I tweeted about the giveaway anyways! I'm all about teaching where true beauty comes from!! I try to teach my girl that God made her to be exactly what He wants her to be and that her character is what makes her beautiful. She is 13 and quite confident in herself (not in a cocky way, though). She doesn't wear makeup, and she isn't as thin as the world would tell her to be. But she is healthy & seems to have a healthy self-image and body-image. Praise God! I never want her to go through the things I went through! {Sorry I wrote a book! This is obviously something very important to me!} :)

  4. We've always taught that inner beauty is what pleases the Lord. I've had to help the girls show compassion towards day they just stood watching another child who had fallen and was crying...I told them just watching was showing pity, but helping showed compassion and is an example of inner beauty. Hope they carry this lesson throughout life.

  5. Lately my seven year old has come home discouraged because of comments her classmates are saying about her being not being a princess because she is does not dress fancy enough. We have told her that being a princess is not about wearing fancy clothes or how you look. But it's about your heart and loving God!! Knowing and loving Jesus with all your heart and having a kind and compassionate heart makes you the most beautiful princess in the world, because it is having a beautiful heart that matters and beauty on the inside is more important than outward beauty!!!

  6. We talk all the time about the beauty on the inside and I share with them things I find like the short Dove film called Evolution (about how a model goes from normal to cover ready) . I love the Lilly series and if I win, I will give it away! Have you seen Nancy's Rue's other girl series books about Sophie and Lucy? All great books.

  7. I remind my girls how beautiful they are individually every day. They know they are all princesses because their heavenly father is the king of kings. Whether a tomboy or a Girly girl their hearts are amazing & we cherish and call out the gifts of the Spirit that God has given them. It's hard not getting sucked into todays society's view of beauty. Every girl & woman is beautiful in her own way. One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

  8. This sounds like such a wonderful book for every little girl to read! Reminds me of why I love 1 Peter 3:3-4 so much. Our inner, unfading beauty is what matters most to HIM! :)

  9. And thank YOU for featuring Lily on your blog. I hope you'll like the next one as well. Blessings on you and Emma G! Nancy Rue


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