multiple perspectives

12:00 AM

The other day I had my camera on the table. Emma G saw it and picked it up. This always makes me slightly nervous. She doesn't handle it with the care it needs, so I asked her to please put it down. She set it on the table, looked through the viewer, and said, "I have a good shot!" I love her capture of B.Toys Rain Rush. In school, they talk about multiple perspectives. Her different way of seeing how to capture this toy reminded me of those multiple perspectives!

rain rush

Head over to Today's Mama to read my review on B.Toys very cool Rain Rush!

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  1. Playing around with perspective on the camera always reminds me how a change in perspective can change the way you view life... ;) Thank Emma G for this little reminder to me. blessings ~ tanna

  2. She's right... she did have a good shot! :) Great reminder!

  3. great story behind the picture!


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