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With Uganda on the travel plans this summer, I needed to make some skirts, ones that would be cool and airy for my two weeks near the Equator. I found brand new packages of pillowcases at Salvation Army for $1 and thought they would be the perfect, inexpensive solution. Now I wasn't blessed with slim hips. No, my blessing came in the form of being able to birth a nearly 10 lb. baby. One pillowcase doesn't cover those kind of hips, but 1 1/2 do. Jeremy said that one didn't look bad. I squatted to test it out and all I could envision was maneuvering this way and that to get the perfect shot while a seam ripped up the side. I'm not going for my most embarrassing moment in Uganda, so 1 1/2 it was.

with an umbrella


There really wasn't a lot of measuring and carefulness with these babies. I did learn a bit of a better technique with the second one, using the additional "half" for the sides. Thankfully the black and white (or maybe it's dark blue??) skirt has such a busy pattern, you can't see what I did there. :) After getting the width I wanted, I made an elastic casing at the top and used 1 inch ribbed, non-roll elastic. A little embellishment from felt scraps at the bottom gave them a fun touch. For less than $3 each, I have 2 skirts to wear. I love that I don't have to worry about them getting ruined nor do I have to worry about ease of movement as I photograph my way through Uganda. :)

oh so cool 
the oh so cheesy cool moi

little blue birdie

With Joshua's growing interest in photography, I asked him to take these shots of me. It's not easy taking photos of a photographer, but I think he did a great job. I had to laugh as I modeled my creations for Jeremy. He said, "I didn't think they'd be so long." Perhaps on a person with a normal height, they wouldn't be, but on a 5'1" gal, yes, they're a little long. :)


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  1. I think these are really cute, well done! :-)

  2. Ingenious, Jen!! And, you look great modeling them! I love the little apliques. Well done. blessings ~ tanna

  3. Wow i am impressed, what a clever idea..and i love the heart and birdy!!

  4. just looking at them makes me sleepy.

  5. very cute - may have to try it. Looks very comfy for Uganda!

  6. I love the pillowcase skirts! I completely understand the extra for the hips. I was blessed with that same dilemma. I really like your applique. It makes them extra special!

  7. Wonderful design, congratulations on these beautiful creations.

  8. They look super cute! :) I'll have to keep an eye out for cute pillow cases! I figured you were closer to my height (5'3"-ish) ~ you just can't tell on the computer!

  9. Visiting from In the Studio - wow, what a great idea! Inexpensive, and very cute.

  10. You never fail to surprise me, Jen -- and in the most interesting ways, too! What lovely skirts you made -- you look great wearing them. Please tell Joshua that he did a fabulous job taking those photos of you. He certainly has inherited your gift of showing the world to us, Jen. My best wishes for your upcoming trip.


  11. Your creativity is definitely shining! Love that these were created from a thrift find + the little felt accents are the perfect way to set them off...


  12. They look great... sweet and comfortable! You look so cute! Your photographer did an amazing job of showing us your creations!! :)

  13. You are hilarious, Jen! Love these skirts and your cute embellishments :) The fabric is so pretty on both. Are they vintage?

  14. Very cute, an excellent economical creative fun project!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Awesome! These turned out so well and you look great!


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