re-purposed men's shirt

12:00 AM

This week has been a bit hectic with little time for creative things. It's a garage sale weekend. I hate garage sales. The house feels like mass chaos as you're going through everything and piling it up for pricing. I don't function well in that kind of clutter. I guess the feeling of purging, though, makes up for it.

However, yesterday, in the midst of the chaos, I remembered several half finished projects and thought, "Surely I can finish just one." I'll tell you, even a minute of a creativity, is soothing to the soul. Stepping away for just a moment has a way of clearing the mind.

re-purposed shirt

I saw this idea to re-purpose a men's button down shirt in an issue of Sew It All. While I love the concept and the shirt in the photo, I'm still trying to decide if I like mine (and also if I should re-do the ric rac since I didn't really follow those instructions too well). It just sort of fits like a men's shirt. Nevertheless, it will be another good one to have for Africa.

ric rac 

Any fun creativity come out of your studio this week? If so, be sure to link up with Jennifer @ Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday!


Photos once again taken by Joshua. :)

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  1. Very cute! It looks very feminine to me!

  2. light weight and cool, sounds good to me, hard to believe it began as a man's shirt!

  3. I think it looks great. Would not have guessed it was a man's shirt.

  4. It think it's cute! If you wear it a few times & still don't like how it fits, what if you put some darts in it?

  5. I really like it! I have been trying to think of some shirt ideas for myself that are loose and breezy like this. I also have a (large) pile of half-finished projects so it feels great to get some done!

  6. Jen, I think it is really cute on you!! Love the little ric rac trim and the gathered yoke! blessings ~ tanna

  7. Jen- I love it! It looks great on you!

  8. Oh! So cute! I love using my dh's old work shirts for night shirts...somehow, it is like I am "inside his skin"...I never thought of this idea! But I will definitely be making some cute shirts for myself now! I like the ric rac - how would you change it? Have it peek out from the hemlines, instead of on top of them? I like it the way it is, but the other way could be good, looks great on you ☺

  9. This is such a sweet project! It is so cute on you! The feeling of accomplishment from purging is worth the work and clutter. I hope your garage sale is successful!


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