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12:00 AM

Recently I went with my friend, Susan, to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve simply to capture some nature. She's learning the SLR photography ropes, I like to use my camera (a lot), and we both like nature. It was an incredibly hot day, but we both enjoyed trying to document the beauty we saw with our eye.

I love capturing sunbursts. Hint: to capture a sunburst, set your aperture pretty small. The photo below was f/32.


taking photos

interesting texture

blue dragonfly

fence lines

Ah, so love photographing nature.

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  1. Great photos and good tip on the sunburst. I would love to go photographing with you and pick up a few tips in person! :) But in the meantime this is a great reminder to change the settings on my camera every once in a while!! :) LOL!

  2. I love your captures, very beautiful! :-)

  3. And you are so very good at it!!! Glad you and your friend, Susan, could enjoy photographing this great shots together!! Double the fun. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Beautiful photos! I would also love to go out photographing with you!


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