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We left Texas on Monday and traveled over 30 hours by car to Connecticut, stopping in St. Louis and Ohio to visit friends and rest our heads. I love Fridays being reserved as my day to post about my creative ventures for the week, however, with all those travels, it’s hard to be creative with crafts (unless of course, you count creatively keeping the kids entertained in the car).

city museum

sumo wrestler

We spent one full day in St. Louis and decided to spend the day at the City Museum. I loved witnessing the creativity of the late Bob Cassilly. Oh, my. It was amazing. I’ve never been to a place quite like it. There’s so much to take in. There were more tunnels and secret passageways than I could count. Although I couldn’t bring myself to ride the Ferris Wheel on the roof, I did enjoy a ride down the 10 story slide that landed us in a cave.

in the bus

looking at the city

in a bird cage

My kids absolutely loved it. In fact, Joshua said, “We are so coming back to this place.” It’s an awesome place to explore and after about 4 hours there, my kids still weren’t ready to leave! I guess we are so going back one day. :)

down the slide

10 story slide

top of the castle

I love places like the City Museum where you can bask in someone’s creative mind. So fun and inspirational! Thanks, Bud and Kathy, for such a great day!


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  1. i think my guys would love it too......the bus might scare mom....;)creativity on a big scale...i think i think too small some times....

  2. W.O.W!! I think the City Museum would be worth a trip to St. Louis! How cool is that?! Our Little Man would love that place, too!! Thank you for letting us know about this little treasure. blessings ~ tanna

  3. That looks like a great place!

  4. Awesome! You have by far the best pictures I've seen of that place. Way cool.

  5. What an amazing place! If we ever go to St Louis, we are so going there!

  6. I can see how after 4 hours they weren't ready to leave... this place looks amazing! Glad you found a place to enjoy during your long car travel time! :)

  7. I LOVE City Museum! I went there in '07 on a youth trip. And I just saw they're #1 on a list of playgrounds every kid should see/try? Something like that, it was on Yahoo! last week and I got all excited. I was too chicken to go out there (afraid of heights to some degree), but all my friends did it. So cool.

  8. How incredibly amazing!! So glad I found you from Jennifer's blog.



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