a denver getaway

12:00 AM

In the midst of packing and moving out, Jeremy and I flew to Denver. I guess we're crazy like that. When you have a chance to share about Ten Thousand Homes and what God is doing, you just have to go with it. The weather was an amazing respite from hot Texas. It was actually freezing on top of Rocky Mountain National Park!

rocky mountain national park



frozen tundra sign

on the frozen tundra

frozen pipes

Special thanks to our friends, Taylor and Brittany, for a wonderful evening of food and conversation and our friends, James and Jennifer, for hosting us and providing a hospitable space for sharing what God is doing! You guys rock!

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  1. A wonderful place, good picture, I guess you passed it very well.

  2. Hard to imagine places this cool!! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  3. Oh those mountains!
    So beautiful, it hurts....

    Glad you had a lovely time...praying for you in all of the transitions!

  4. Those mountains are stunning, thanks for sharing!

  5. What a nice break from the heat here! Beautiful pics, too!

  6. Happy to see you had a fun trip! Gorgeous photos! You two are so cute! :)

  7. I love Rocky Mountain National Park! Sounds like a lovely getaway :)


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