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12:00 AM

The kids got out of school on Friday! Yea! They were so very ready (I was, too). The last week was full of so many fun festivities. Joshua choreographed a dance for him and 2 of his friends for the 3rd/4th grade talent show. They rocked it! I seriously had no idea he had such good dance moves! I love that they chose Party Rock Anthem from the Chipmunks soundtrack. :)


The music teacher at the kid's school put together a very nice graduation for the 4th graders. I cannot believe I have a middle schooler now. Sigh. One last photo of him with his teacher.

jman & his teacher

The last day of school we went to the kids award assembly. Joshua got an award for Honor Roll and Emma G got the Super Scholar for her class for the whole year! We're so proud of both of our kids.


With school behind us, we are the thick of packing, selling, and itinerating. This little space is proving to be my very nice break in the midst of that chaos. Tomorrow is the June Color Your World challenge. Don't forget to link up your YELLOW!

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  1. Wow!!! Looks like an excellent wrap-up!!

  2. Sounds like they enjoyed their school year!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! What a great way to end the school year! :)

  4. Wanna hear a funny?! I have an Emma Grace as well! Something even funnier?! There are THREE here in our small community! My four year old has changed her name to Gracie! I call her Lou Lou though :-) I'm also a fellow Texan!


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