a fazoli moment

12:00 AM

We've had several Fazoli moments recently. Before I lose you here, let me explain what I'm talking about. On our first day of travel, like a week ago, we stopped for dinner at Fazoli's. We had never been there, and now I'm thinking we weren't missing anything. The food was terrible (sorry if you're a fan). We left regretting that we had spent money on it. The more signs we saw for possible eateries, the more we regretted it until finally we said we had to let it go. Not only that but we decided to call it a Fazoli moment, a moment of regret, but it's in the past and there's nothing you can do but forget about it. We've had several Fazoli moments this trip.

Like the lady at Aldi charging me $6 for my bananas instead of 60 cents and not realizing it until we were well down the road. 

Like Jeremy and I getting our communication lines crossed when he asked me what kind of paint to get. He came back with a non-returnable semi-gloss when we needed a satin for touch up painting.

Fazoli moments. I'm sure we'll have lots more in this next week and now we have a code word that makes us laugh and move on. Now that I think about it, I'm kind of thankful for that Fazoli stop, because it's created a memory. Love that!

New Haven pizza, so missed this. Pizza here is the best.

  Meatball subs from our favorite Whitneyville market.

One of the things I love about New Haven is all the amazing local eateries. It's hard to have a Fazoli moment when it comes to the food here. We're trying to hit up all our favs in the short amount of time we're here. Pizza was first on the list. The pizza here is simple amazing! And the meatball subs at the Whitneyville Food Center, they melt in your mouth.

Does your family occasionally speak in code?

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  1. Love the term Fazoli Moment, and our experience with them would resonate with your own! ;) Looks like y'all have had lots of good NOT Fazoli moments here!! blessings ~ tanna

  2. We live in code! My husband's family is very very close and they have a million inside jokes and now they've trickled into our family. Traveling helps you build lots of new ones! ;)

  3. p.s. they don't call them inside jokes- they call them "stories" and they're always willing to share.

  4. YES!! & like the Fazoli moment, they don't make a bit of sense to others without an explanation!

  5. I'm glad the food has improved, and it's so good to have a code word for moving past annoyances. Love that! We use some Arabic as code - there are a few phrases we picked up to explain things going not as expected or much slower than expected... but it's somehow better in Arabic than just being disappointed in English!

  6. You must have hit a poorly ran Fazoli's. Almost every experience I have had has been wonderful. Love those breadsticks.


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