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I don't usually make matching outfits for me and my girl. In fact, I've tread very carefully on making much of anything for her simply because she's a bit picky with her clothes. If she sees something she likes, I jump on it. She's gotten into a groove of wearing three different outfits. Not sure why the change. Her fashion used to be very eclectic as she put outfits together. Not currently.

hand in hand

I saw this idea in the same issue of Sew It All as the men's button down shirt idea. I found some cheap t-shirts at Goodwill for both me and her. I tried on my skirt after I made it and she said, "Cool! I want one." That was my cue to go ahead as planned. :)

holding her 
I made myself three skirts for summer and made her two. They're such a simple re-purpose. I used large t-shirts and three inch wide elastic for myself and medium t-shirts and two inch elastic for her. Loving our matchy matchy skirts, and I can't believe how big my baby girl looks walking next to me! Oh, and Joshua, whether he admits it or not, has officially become my fashion photographer. :)


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  1. That looks lovely - really nice! :-)

  2. Clever! That's awesome that she wanted one when she saw yours… and that that was the plan all along. :) Great photography, too.

  3. Talented lady, great outfits, you both look great in them!

  4. Cute skirts! And Joshua makes a fantastic photographer!

  5. So nice that she wants to match! Great job!

  6. I love the matching skirts and your photographer did a great job!

  7. These are adorable! I'm sitting here thinking about my own take on this idea for my little one! Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Seriously... your fashion photographer does such an awesome job!! You two girls look so cute! Love the matchy matchy. Sweet as can be! :)

  9. Cute!! And Joshua does a great job as your photographer!


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