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Today's risk post is not on someone from the Bible but rather on me. It's a personal, recent story that has blown me away. I wish I could sit down at the coffee shop to tell you, but hopefully my words will suffice.

As I've shared here, we have plans for an African summer, something we were all excited about and something that we knew God wanted us to do. However, as we tried to raise the $8000 we needed for our trip, we came up empty handed every.single.time.

walking in ottawa

So we did what any good Jesus lover should do. We prayed. I felt like God told us to move out of our little place. I felt like He said that we moved in here for a temporary sabbatical season. That season is over and yet we're still in this place. I felt like He said, to truly be in the new season of our lives, that we needed to physically move out.

I love how God prepares our hearts to hear Him. I don't know how many times I told Jeremy prior to this that I didn't want to pack our stuff and move out. The thought of coming back without a place to lay my head was too much, and I simply didn't want to do it. We took a day to pray some more but we knew that we knew that moving out was what He was calling us to do. It was a risk, a walk into the unknown, a step of faith.

That was Tuesday. Wednesday I sent out an email newsletter indicating our need of $8000. Thursday we told the kids about moving out and gave notice to our landlord. Thursday night we received an email from someone whose name I didn't recognize.  (I later realized who he was. It wasn't a total random connection.) He said he had the funds we needed to travel. I almost deleted it, because I thought it was spam. I didn't. It wasn't. He gave every penny we needed plus some to Ten Thousand Homes. Here's the crazy thing. He's not even on our mailing list and neither of us have no idea how it ended up in his inbox.

I wish I could take the time to tell you the other side of this story, his side. It's equally incredible. God was working in him, in us, both to step out and take a risk, and as we are, he is meeting all of us in ways that are not logical, not explainable, other than God is good. I am completely blown away.

For those of you who are into the details, our itinerary looks something like this...

June 18th - We are pulling out of town and driving up to Connecticut. We still own a house there, so we're going up there to see friends and do some work on our house (saves us money from hiring someone). We'll see friends along the very long 30 hour road trip.

July 1st - We'll fly out of NY to S. Africa. Our tickets are changeable, because we honestly don't know how long we're supposed to stay.

July 17-30 - I'll be in Uganda! So, so excited about this opportunity!

I know that was long, but I felt I needed to share, especially for those of you who are following my risk journey. I encourage you today to step out into whatever He might be calling you to. In the risk, in the faith, you'll find He's closer than you can imagine and His plans for you are always with your best in mind.

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  1. would love to meet you if you are in Cape Town...some part of your journey...so excited for you!!!

  2. Sounds like an amazing story - I´m glad for you! :-)

  3. Risk is so frightening. I have a sister taking a big risk like this right now, because she felt she needed to.

  4. He is our ever faithful provider!!

  5. Oh Jen! Look how God is using your family as a vessel for not only you, but others to receive His love, faithfulness, promise, and to trust Him. I am very bad about giving myself over completely and I often fight when things don't go like I want them too. But I am learning to trust more completely. The darkest times of our lives (loosing Amelia, unemployment for 2 years) have been when we felt God's mercy and love the most. He provided for us each and every step of the way, through pain and uncertainty ~ even when we had little left to hold onto ~ He was there. I know God is smiling as you walk in faith and are an example not only to your children, but to your readers and all those around you.

    Please come visit me in CT!!!! I can't wait to get coffee and hear more details:)

  6. So many blessings and clear answers to clear prayers! Please let me know if your route takes you through KY. We'd love to offer you a night here!

  7. where there is risk there is reward!

  8. i am so stoked for y'all! that's awesome!!!

  9. Oh wow... talk about risk?! And what an amazing outcome! With HIM there is always amazing outcomes! Love hearing this story Jen. So happy and excited for you. Can not wait to follow your travels! :)

  10. Amen! Sometimes it takes God seeing our willingness to obey Him no matter the cost for Him to move in amazing ways on our behalf -- to His glory! That is such exciting news :)

  11. Totally risky!! Totally awesome!!!

  12. Just gives me goosebumps, Jen. Praise the Lord. Look forward to hearing more of your risk adventure. blessings ~ tanna

  13. I LOVE when God does stuff like this!! Great lesson in here, too. He is our Provider, but sometimes we have to take a risk & step out in faith before we see His provision.

  14. Wow! You encourage me with your own life journey all of the time! So thankful, yet again, that God saw fit to have our paths cross!!


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