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It just so happened that the monthly Color Your World challenge fell on Independence Day. Rather than skip it, we decided to sieze the opportunity to proudly display our colors! I'm actually in South Africa. We arrived here yesterday. This isn't our first 4th of July to celebrate out of country. Although it feels a little out of place to celebrate this holiday in the winter with sounds of a different accent nearby, we always do it American style with a BBQ and setting off "American Spirit Fireworks" that you can find at the local craft store. It's all about memories and I'm glad we can reinforce them by celebrating here with our friends!

red, white, & blue 

Before we left for SA, I spotted these awesome popsicles at Target. I'll tell you, in the midst of packing up our stuff, they were a welcome refreshment.

flag in times square

During our day in New York City, I made the fam stop for a photo in front of the flag. Of course, you can't get a photo in NYC without people you don't know being in it.

So here's the lowdown...

1. July's color is RED, WHITE, & BLUE!

2. Take RED, WHITE, & BLUE. Interpret it how you want using whatever medium you want.

3. Write a blog post about it.

4. Grab the Color Your World button to display on your blog or blog post linking back to the linky.

5. Link up your blog post (not your blog). Link will stay open through Sunday, July 8th at 11:59 pm CST.

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  1. I think it's fun that you celebrate, even if you're in a different country! Happy Independence Day!

  2. Oh, so you're there now! I'm excited for you, and good for you that you're celebrating!

  3. Cute pics! I saw your reading list... I'm reading Harriet Beamer also (with our church book club).

  4. How fun! That NYC photo is so classic with those other people in it!! :) And congrats on making it to SA!

    {I'm so curious how painting the bathtub went...}

  5. Love that you celebrate even if you aren't in the country!! What a fun popsicle shot. Love her expression. And that huge flag... that is so neat!


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