live from kampala

9:16 AM

View from my pillow. #mosquitonet

So, so beautiful here in Uganda.

View from my crib here in Kampala.

Well, I made it safely to Kampala last night, and I'm staying at a lovely guest house with internet access! I've spent the day with the team doing team training. I have a whole communications team! Tonight I teach for three hours and would greatly appreciate your prayers as I fight a head cold. I don't feel 100% but I know that God is bigger than my weakness and that His purposes can still be accomplished.

How do you like my views??

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  1. I LOVE them - so fun to follow you around so far away. :-)

  2. Prayers for you, sweet Jen! I love the view... except maybe the empty pool. ;) blessings ~ t

  3. Beautiful view! enjoy the beautiful smiles and friendly faces! (and don't jump in that pool!) :)

    You will be great at training. Remember: half of the battle is just showing up.

    I really believe that!

  4. p.s. if you get the chance go to Khana Kazana for Indian in Kampala (worth it- go in the evening) or for Italian at Cafe Roma.. worth it again!

  5. (Sorry for the third comment: but Cafe Roma is at the bottom of Tank Hill and Khana K. is near the mall (not in the mall) for taxi purposes!;) )

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon, Jen! I know you are going to do such a great job teaching and inspiring! Love the photos.

  7. So lush and green! And yea!!! for internet access. :) :)


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