mud huts and thatched roofs

5:00 PM

You know how people think Africa is mud huts & thatched roofs? That's totally where I was today. Amazing.

I was all prepared to write a good and proper update but alas the power went out. It's now almost 1 am, and I'm afraid my bed beckons me so that I can take another full day tomorrow. 

Being 1 of 3 white skinned people on the team, the kids either cry or squeal with excitement in my presence.

Today we drove 2 hours to Dino. It was amazing and when it's not so late I want to tell you all about it. I've never seen so many people lined up for medical and dental care. We go back tomorrow which is good because several people weren't able to be seen. The scenery was amazing...mud huts and thatched roofs. Oh my, it was like what you would imagine Africa to look like. Until next time my friends...

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  1. Wow. What a wonderful work God is using you & your team to do for His glory!

  2. Love the photos, and I look forward to reading more when you have time to write!

  3. That little boy in the last picture has such large shoes... look forward to hearing more soon

  4. The scenery is amazing, Jen. Those clouds are so beautiful. Those sweet boys.

  5. So glad you're getting this opportunity and sharing what you see with us.

  6. Stellar photos, Jen. Praying for your strength and stamina. blessings ~ tanna

  7. Looks delightful, especially your first photo but the reality is no doubt very harsh too.

  8. You have such the charitable heart, Jen! =) Anyway, I love that thatched-roofed mud hat. It always reminds me of my country home and living. Ah, now I feel like visiting my grandma and grandpa.


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