a slower pace

12:00 AM

We've been here for one week, seven whole days. I'm pretty sure I'm fully recovered from jet lag. I think I experienced some kind of weird reverse jet lag this time. I would be wide awake until sometime after 1 am. I'm used to the jet lag where you fall asleep early and wake up at 4 am. I think I like that better. I finally resorted to some melatonin just to get me on track. Lying awake at night is just plain frustrating.

Just some Sunday afternoon fun.

My focus this first week has been one of settling in, getting the kids on some sort of routine, and catching up with everyone. This slower pace of life here in Africa is definitely good. I'm on the internet less (which is also because you pay per data you use), outside more, and trying desperately to win just one card game against Joshua.

Fruit & veg

We currently don't have a car to use, so outings to town are treasured, even if it is to Fruit and Veg to pick up groceries. After a 2 1/2 year hiatus of driving a manual on the left hand side of the road, I think I'm ready to get behind the wheel again. The buzzing metropolis of White River will be kind to me, I know it.

White River

I leave for Uganda one week from today! I guess I'm storing up my photography muscles, because I've hardly used my camera since I've been here. I love that the iPhone 4S has such good photo quality, so I can at least post something for your visual entertainment. :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Greet Uganda! Enjoy the slow pace. Think, pray, journal and shoot (with your camera..of course...).

  2. your post brought a smile to my face...White river i think will be obliging, to you getting use to driving on the right side of the road ;)...i love the Nelspruit area...

  3. Sounds nice - good luck with the card games..! ;-)

  4. I'm so glad you are adjusting well! Looking forward to hearing about your time in Uganda!

  5. Weird about the reverse jet lag, and I'm glad you got it sorted. Love that trampoline photo and the slower pace. Ahhhh...

  6. Fun to see what you guys are up to! Hope your trip to Uganda is wonderful and I look forward to hearing about it. Is the trampoline in that first picture really low to the ground or is that just the angle it was taken at? Looks like if all of those kids jumped at one time they might hit the ground! :-)

  7. Love all the pics...hope you have a blessed trip!


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